May 2016 – Shaina Friedman

Shaina Friedman – Grade 11ShainaFriedman




How long have you been sailing?

Since 2012 – 4-5 years

What is your favorite thing is about sailing?

I really like the team aspect as well as how you can only control things to an extent but you really have to work with nature.

What boat do you sail?

I sail a 420.

Did you start in Opti’s?

No I started in 420 and still sail one.

What days of the week do you sail?

Tuesdays and Saturdays with the Race Team

Most memorable sailing experience?

I had fun at the the Sail West Regatta that we hosted here in the Comox Valley last summer. My team mate Kaija Roukkula and I came 4th.

Future goals with sailing?

Depending on what College I go to if there is a sailing team I’d like to race with them.

Any advice to new sailors?

Take your coaches advice and have a lots of fun.