June 2016 – Nigel Fletcher

Nigel Fletcher – Grade 12 Vanier


What first got you involved with sailing? 

Hornby – I took a sailing course there I don’t even remember how long ago that was. It was through Hornby Rec. I went to another one there and that is where I met Rob Douglas who said hey you should come sail with us in Comox. So I came here and haven’t stopped sailing since then.

What boat do you sail?


Did you start with a laser?

No, I started with sailing the Opti and then I went to laser, I sailed 4.7and then radial and 29er for a bit and this season I’ve come back to sailing the laser again.

Tell me some things you enjoy about sailing? 

There is a lot of diversity and different boats you can sail in this sport – it’s a lot of fun!!

The one thing you love most about sailing?

Going fast!!

Any winnings or races that you are proud of? 

Well… not really as of yet.

Have you ever sailed a Keel boat? 

Ya, not as much as I would like. My uncle got one recently.

Do you see yourself being a larger boat sailor down the road?

I hope so – would be great to have that opportunity for sure.

Any advice you’d give to new sailors? 

It’s all about having fun – even on days where it’s not too windy – you can still have a lot of fun.

You are graduating this year – what are you up to next? 

I am taking a gap year. I’ll be coaching sailing on Hornby – I’ve done that for a few years and then I am going on a bunch of trips through BC to mountain bike and stuff. Then I’ll be looking to work on the mountain for the winter – I don’t know which mountain yet though. Then I’ll be off to UVIC after all that.