July 2016 – Phil G.


What boats have you sailed and how long have you been sailing?

I first started sailing in a 420 dinghy at the tail end of 2014 on a CBSC instructed course in order to get my CanSail level 2. This was to enable me to take out CBSC club owned loaner boats without supervision.

Then in early 2015 I decided to go all in and buy a Laser dinghy and have been sailing that for nearly two seasons.

Recently I was invited to crew a J24 keelboat in a CBSC keelboat race.

What first got you interested in sailing?

In 1997 I was at a friend’s beach cabin in Nova Scotia and he had a Mirror Dinghy …. I tried that out for an hour or so and really enjoyed it.

Since then I’ve wanted to learn to sail but with work, family and location it wasn’t possible …… until now. So, it’s been on my bucket list for nearly 20 years.

Have you sailed in any other countries of the world?


Tell me about some of your most memorable moments with sailing.

My memorable moments bring back a range of emotions, from fear through elation, from frustration to success …. and having many laughs along the way with the CBSC race team.

Here’s some moments:

First time out
First time out on a Laser
First ‘death roll’
First race
Laser sailing in 27 knots of gusty wind with big swells/breaking waves
Being told I’m at a level where I’m actually ‘coachable’!
Being able to knowledgeably compete at Regatta’s
Training and racing with the most excellent group of people

Any competitive wins you’d like to share about?

My best competitive outcome to date was at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club 2016 Spring Dinghy’s Regatta …..in race 2, after a mediocre start, I worked my way up the fleet from about 15th to finish fourth place in a field of 21 boats. In the Regatta I finished 7th overall.

I’ve finished in better (and much worse) positions than that in other events but that was my best race accomplishment to date.

What is it about sailing that you really enjoy?

The outdoors and the challenge; you are solely responsible for the outcome; it’s a really complicated, multi dimensional sport that is of itself a wonderful journey; it’s safe; it’s exciting; it’s fun; best value for money; good people.

Any advice for novice sailors or someone who is thinking about joining our sailing club?

kids/teens …… sign up to one of the many courses available through this club; get properly trained in the correct boat for your physical capability; ask questions of and listen to knowledgeable people; join and regularly train with the CBSC race team, compete and reflect on the outcomes.

parents …… this sport produces exceptional individuals with the right values for life.

adults …… dinghy’s ….. go out on the race safety (committee) boat for the Wednesday evening races and watch what’s happening; ask questions. Crew on a club owned 420. Make the time and just do it.