August 2016 – Nate Bell


What boats have you sailed and how long have you been sailing?
I’ve sailed 420’s and Lasers. The majority of my experience being in Laser. I believe I’ve been sailing for about 6 years but I’m not entirely certain.

What first got you interested in sailing?
Oliver and a couple other of the friends I made when I first came to the Comox Valley were very keen on sailing and they soon sparked my own interest in the sport.

Have you sailed in any other countries of the world?
I sailed briefly in France when I was very young on a Hobie but nothing major.

Tell me about some of your most memorable moments with sailing.
Any Regatta I’ve ever been too. They’re always a blast. But particularly the time I dressed up as Dora and sailed in the Spring Dinghy’s. I also have numerous enjoyable memories from sailing in Comox, triangle sausage with Norm, and meeting all the awesome people that sail.

What is it about sailing that you really enjoy?
I love being on the ocean, meeting new people, and the fact that you can never learn everything there is to know about sailing. I also love a good breeze, I enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Any advice for novice sailors or someone who is thinking about joining our sailing club?
Sailing is a really challenging sport to get into, it’s very overwhelming at first. So don’t give up right away if it’s challenging.

Now that you have graduated what are your plans? Any sailing plans?
I intend to continue teaching sailing in Sydney, Australia. I hope to compete in the Sydney to Hobart keel boat regatta.