Round Denman Island – Keelboat Update

What an epic weekend on the water!

Seven competitors from the Comox Bay Sailing Club participated in this year’s edition of the Round Denman Island Race on September 12/13 weekend – and the weather and racing conditions were perfect!  It was probably the last blast of summer sailing conditions for 2015, and over the two days I would find it hard to believe if any sails were left in their bags!

Both days had incredibly fun, interesting and challenging racing!

Wind shifts and favourable lanes dominated the story on Saturday which had northwest winds in the forecast.  The race started downwind in a light northwest breeze.  Dreamscape was on the right side of the course and benefited from getting to what appeared to be a thermal driven southeast breeze first, which brought her to the bell buoy in front of the other boats.  The lead was not long lived as the wind died in the very slow transition to the forecasted northwest breeze allowing everyone to catch up.  The rest of the race down Lambert Channel was all about finding favourable lanes and wind.  Andiamo, Laser and Tenacious did this best and rounded Chrome Island first when a dying breeze, once again, allowed the trailing boats to catch up a bit.  In the end it was Tenacious who won the leg.

Strong northwesterlies were forecast for the 2nd day of racing out of Deep Bay – and racing started in a very light breeze off the shore from the southwest.  Dreamscape and Laser initially played the Denman shore, followed by Tenacious shortly afterwards. Dazed, Celerite, Coral Reefer and Andiamo went for the early breeze on the Vancouver Island side of the sound. After working through the transition to the northwest, Andiamo found the new breeze first and was back up front with the 3 leading boats on the Denman Side.  The wind quickly built to 20 knots forcing crews to change their head sails and reef their mains. The wind continued to build – Dreamscape saw 30 knots as she approached goose spit.  Coral Reefer was the first to cross the line after having set a personal record of 12.6 knots – upwind – with just Bob and Roz on the boat. What a ride that must have been!

Dreamscape had Linda Vermuelen on board to take photos.  You may remember her as the photographer for Sail West and VI360 this year.  Her evidence of our very fun day can be found by clicking the following link!

Congratulations to Tenacious and her crew for the overall win.  Results can be found here…

A big thanks to Deep Bay Yacht Club who hosted us, once again, at their facility for BBQ and drinks after the race.  Also thank you to Tom and Nancy and everybody else who helped organize and run this very successful event.

See you at the next race!