Race to Tree Island, 2016

In the days leading up to this year’s Tree Island race, the weather was calling consistently for rain, thunderstorms…and wind!! So imagine our surprise when we discovered a wispy overcast day with a lazy, light summer breeze. We rigged up none-the-less and met Tom, our Race Committee, at the Goose Spit lighthouse for an 11am start.

CVBSC Tree Island

There was just enough patchy breeze to get us past the spit, the early race being to where the wind filled in a little in Baynes Sound. Tactically, the race was split into three groups; those who headed southeast to the sand bar in the hopes of catching some current down the length of Tree Island, those who went a little more to the southwest, almost keeping pace behind RC boat Nyaak powering across the sound (much to Tom’s surprise!). And there were then there were a few who played the middle.

Bruce Archibald Tree Island Race - CVBSC July 17

Passing into the lee of Tree Island, the wind shifted a bit to the east putting us on a reach for the last part of the race. Tom managed to toss a pin mark and anchor his boat, setting a finish line, with only minutes to spare before Nick Ward – first across the line in Laser – arrived at the western point of Tree Island. Amazingly, in an hour long race, the entire fleet finished within only six minutes of one another!

After adjusting the fleets’ PHRF, the race went to second across the line Phil Gaze, sailing Laser Radial. Congratulations to Phil, and to the whole fleet for such an incredibly tight race!! The full race results can be found here.

The weather held beautifully for our picnic. Thanks to everyone for putting such care and time into all their amazing homemade treats (says the one who brought bananas)!

Tree Island Beach


The “race” back to Comox, as always, was a less focussed and more social affair. We even spotted some porpoises as we cruised along!



As there seems to be a strong interest in more weekend races, the CBSC will strive to coordinate through the 2016 summer season and plan ahead for more long distance races in the 2017 season!

Without our on the water support these races wouldn’t happen, so a BIG thanks to our RC Tom Gornall and our safety support Susan Archibald and Ella Buettner. And a special thanks to Tom for offering his boat Nyaak at the 11 hour.