May 2017 – Owen Cruikshank

How long have you been sailing and how did you get involved with CBSC?
I started sailing when I was 8 years old with my grandfather. I wanted to get better and to expand my skills, so I joined the Comox Bay Sailing Club.

What boats have you sailed?
I have sailed Optis 420 and Laser.





What is the best thing about sailing?
The best thing about sailing is that you have freedom to do what you want, and that you must know about what you are doing. Not just take a guess.

Any dreams or ambitions you have as a sailor?
I just want to become a good sailor.

What would you tell someone who is curious about learning to sail?
If you want to start sailing, you have to be serious about it.

Some of the coolest things you’ve seen out in Comox Bay?
There is so much to see – whales, sometimes dolphins, seals , sea lions. It was cool once when the tide was so low that we could jump from the dock to the ground.