Dinghy Spring Racing Series Wrap Up and Summer Events

Burgee (Final)

Good Day CBSC Members!

Please see the message below from Sarah Clark – you’re Dinghy Fleet Director.  I would like to point out that Sarah Clark and Jon Lihou (Property Manager) have been doing a most excellent job in keeping the operation of the dinghy docks running smoothly – no small task given the amount of activity and the number of boats on the dock.  Thank you Sarah and Jon for a job well done!


Andy Walther


Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who participated in our spring series and helped to make it a great success! Many evenings have seen the bulk of our club fleet plus numerous private dinghies out racing. We’ve welcomed many new members to our club this year and are enjoying seeing so many new sailors on the water. In addition to a season of fun competition and spectacular sunsets, we had the thrill of sailing amongst a pod of orcas, an experience none of us will soon forget!

Final Spring Series race results, as well as photos, are posted on the CBSC Dinghy race page: https://comoxbaysailingclub.ca/dinghy-sailing/dinghy-results/

We’re anticipating a well attended summer series, beginning on Wednesday June 24th. Our race series accommodates every level of sailor, and is both a great place for more experienced sailors to compete as well as for beginners to build skill and confidence on the water. A reminder that our summer races begin at 6pm sharp, so try to be rigged and on the water by 5:45!

In addition to our regular series, we’re looking ahead at some other sailing and racing opportunities to help everyone make the most of the summer months.

Our most popular summer event is the Tree Island race. The race starts in the bay and finishes at Tree Island where we have a picnic lunch (prepared and transported for you for the low, low fee of $5), followed by a leisurely sail back to Comox in the afternoon. We also welcome our keelboat fleet to sail across and join us for the picnic. It’s a great event for families!

In the interest of scheduling around availability, I’m looking for feedback on date selection for the Tree Island Race. Please RSVP with your first choice of the following:

Saturday July 18th

Saturday Aug 1st

Saturday Aug 15th

I will begin a boat reservation list based on RSVP’s so don’t delay!

In addition to Tree Island, we’d like to schedule other Saturday races outside of the spit using the Gartley (green can) and the Short Red as marks. These events present a great opportunity to sail outside of the spit with the safety of a fleet and rescue boat. Please let me know if you’re interested in attending as we will require a certain number of participants to run these events.

And a reminder to everyone, please be sure that your membership fees and waivers are up to date! Fees can be paid online or by cheque and waivers can be delivered to me on Wednesdays.

Thanks everyone!