Dinghy Racing and Whales!

As if dinghy sailing with a bunch of friends on a beautiful summer-like spring evening isn’t enough – add a few whales in the harbour and you’re bound to have a great time!

Julia Schmidt captured these amazing photos of the Orca’s during yesterday’s dinghy race.

Click here for a full report in the Comox Valley Echo

Thanks Julia for sharing!

…and this report from Bruce Archibald:

“At 7 pm on May 20 in Comox Bay between Sea Cadet Camp and Comox Marina a pod of about 4 Orcas with a baby were very actively  shallow diving for at least 30 minutes among moored boats and centerboard fleet of Comox Bay Sailing Club,  eight 420s and Lasers, attempting to sail with no wind. Depth about 80 Ft. Sunny and clear. We were within 25 ft but had no camera. Possible attraction  harbour seals but none seen. This was a very rare event and we had free tickets.  $75/person on a whale watching boat.”

Also please check out the dinghy racing results by clicking the following link.  Your Dinghy Racing Director, Sarah Clark, has done an outstanding job of organizing the spring racing and publishing the results.  Thank you Sarah!


Orcas 5 Orcas 4Orcas 3 Orcas 2 Orcas 1 Orcas 7 Orcas 6