Champagne Cup – 2015

Six keelboats braved the somewhat blustery and challenging conditions in the Comox Bay Sailing Club 2015 Champagne Cup!  Wind blew about 40 knots all through the night and eased to between 10 and 15 knots for most of the race – resulting in lumpy and challenging sailing conditions.  Nyyak, Andiamo, Dazed and Confused, Tenacious, Hagar and Dreamscape participated with some good boat to boat competition.

Congratulations to Rick Tae and his crew on Dazed and Confused for the win!  Full results here.

The race was followed by a potluck dinner at Frank and Bobbi Denton’s house – needless to say an excellent day on the water and fun was had by all!

Here’s the proof!

Champagne Cup Winner



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