CBSC Summer Fun Regatta 2016 Wrap Up!

Good Day Sailors!

The 2016 edition of the CBSC Summer Fun Regatta was fun indeed, and was sailed in a wide range of conditions over a 2 day period – Mother Nature delivered it all!  Five classes participated in the regatta – Optimist, Laser Full Rig, Laser Radial, Club 420 (Gold and Silver) and the R18’s from Compass Adventures.  We were very pleased to welcome sailors from West Vancouver Yacht Club, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Nanaimo Yacht Club, 19 Wing Sea Cadets and Hornby Island.  All in all approximately 120 sailors raced on about 70 boats – what a spectacle!  Thanks to all the out of towners for making the trip to Comox and to the Cadets for boosting the numbers!

Racing began on the afternoon of Saturday August 6 when a light breeze filled in from the east.  This was just enough wind for each fleet to get a single race in, and for the competitors to dust off the cobwebs.  Sunday was an entirely different story – sailing conditions were more reliable with everything from light to moderate southeasterly breezes in sunny, cloudy and then rainy conditions!  All of the fleets participated in at least 4 races on Sunday which made for some very exciting competition on the water!

As to be expected there was great representation by CBSC athletes!   CBSC sailors Jack Griffith and Erik Leikermoser deserve a huge congratulations with 1st and 2nd places respectively in the Opti White Class. Apparently they will continue to be forces to contend with in future sailing events!

CBSC 420 teams of Anja Leikermoser / Ally Howard and Rachel Anderson / Shaina Friedman demonstrated consistent results in a large fleet of 25 boats (420 Gold Fleet) and finished 6th and 15th place overall respectively – no small feat with so many 420’s continually jockeying for position on races with multiple legs. Well done girls!

Finally a huge congratulations to Sarah Clark – CBSC Dinghy Fleet Director – for winning the Laser Radial Class and the Laser Combined Class (Radial and Full Rig) overall.  Her hard work and dedication to our dinghies has obviously paid off and will undoubtedly step up the competition and help other sailors improve on the local scene!

Click the following link for the full list of results.

CBSC Summer Fun Regatta 2016 – RESULTS

The regatta would not have been possible without the leadership of Rob Douglas, CBSC Race Team Director, who not only worked very hard to coordinate all of the volunteers but also provided valuable input for the actual running of the races. Thank you Rob!  Also a big thanks to Rob Woodbury who made the trip over from the mainland to serve as the regattas PRO (Primary Race Officer). We all built on what we learned last year at Sail West and look forward to hosting more major regattas in the future!

A big thanks to the following regatta volunteers whose time and energy was instrumental for a successful event!

3 x Mark Boats – Chris Fitzgerald, Judith Wright, Steve Latta, Esther Hutton, Graham Truax, Ella Buettner, Susan Archibald
Committee Boat – Kaija Roukkula, Kennedy Rollins, Matt Sanderson, Daniella Tura, Bruce Archibald, Melissa Anderson, Rob Woodbury, Andy Walther
Start Line – HMCS Quadra Staff Cadets x 2
Coach Boat 1 – Chris Volkers and Rob Douglas
Coach Boat 2 – Nate Bell
Regatta Office Registration – Amy Griffith and Wendy Bell
Evening Security – Chris Volkers and James Volkers
Beach Party BBQ and Music – Corrie Howard, Ed Howard and Katie Leikermoser
Regatta Chair – Rob Douglas

The evidence is in the photos below – thanks Graham Truax for contributing these great shots!

Click here for the full suite of unedited photos.

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