CBSC Keelboat Spring Series Wrap Up

The CBSC Keelboat Spring Series concluded on May 7.  Congratulations to Frank Denton and Tenacious crew for securing the victory!  Thanks to Tom Gornall for providing the following write up.

Our Spring Series of keelboat racing is a series of 6 races spread over 3 weekends and began on April 17th, concluding on May 7th. For the most part we were treated to beautiful sunny weather but variable winds under 8 kts and with some surprising tidal strength and direction. It was a challenge for both skippers and crew to seek out the most favourable current and wind. The end result was that positions changed dramatically from leg to leg and as Bob Dylan would tell you, “the loser now, later will win for the tides, they are a changin” was quite applicable, and the races were never in the bag until you crossed the finish line.

  • Race #1 had Celerite lead the way, first across the line and the winner on corrected time as well, Tenacious placed second
  • Race #2 saw Nyyak come in first with Tenacious a close second place
  • Race #3 and #4 were a battle between Tenacious and Dazed and Confused, as they altered 1st and 2nd places, Frank winning the first race and Rick taking the honours in the second race
  • Race #5 was another light wind affair that saw Tenacious once again showing the way and Dazed and Confused settling for second place
  • Race #6 started in light air but then a 15 knots NW wind overcame the valley thermal and made for a fast race to the Cone and back. Nyyak finished first and Tenacious settled for second place.

When all the results were crunched by our de facto statistician and Commodore, the overall winner was Tenacious, with Nyyak just barely beating out Dazed and Confused by 1 point to take second place.

With our new local handicapping system we are allowing the faster boats to have their handicaps adjusted lower than the 50 second per mile we have used in previous years. Therefore the new handicaps that will be used to calculate the start time for our Spring Pursuit Race on June 5th will be:

Tenacious 158
Dazed and Confused 154
Dreamscape 152
Celerite 134
Nyyak 126
Laser 113
Coral Reefer 83

This should make for some real challenges for the rabbit boats to stay in front … looking forward to it.

The following pictures courtesy of Susan Davies – thanks Susan!

SS1220165 SS1220164 SS1220163 SS1220162 SS1220161