CBSC Dock Expansion Complete!

Good Day Sailors!

The CBSC Executive is very pleased to announce the completion of our dinghy dock expansion project!  We are now renting 2 slips immediately adjacent to our current dock and shed in which we have constructed a massive floating dock!

This new space is already proving to be useful not only as rigging platform, but also to accommodate the large SD71 Field Trip Programs that we have been running this year.

A huge thanks to Jon Lihou for building the dock sections and coordinating the construction.  Also thanks to Frank Denton, Peter Birch, Ian Elliot, Phil Gaze, Oliver Barry and Rob Douglas for their contributions to both design and construction efforts.  This new dock will certainly take the strain off of our existing facility and will undoubtedly lead to opportunities for the growth of our programs.

Finally a big thanks to Al Fraser and Jeff Whetter from the Town of Comox for granting us permission to expand our operation.  We are happy to continue our partnership with the Town of Comox to provide opportunities for kids and adults in our Community to get involved with the wonderful sport of sailing!


Andy Walther
Commodore CBSC