2015 Algerine Passage Keelboat Race

The following update of the Algerine Passage Race was provided by Tom Gornall, CBSC Keelboat Racing Director.

Thanks Tom for a great report!

This years edition of the Algerine Passage race was a drifter against strong tides and upwind all the way.

Nine boats in total participated.  Two from Deep Bay – these were the same boats that joined last year and both were enthusiastic about sharing some future races together.  They get about 4-5 boats out per race but were interested in our Club Handicapping system to encourage more participation.

Four boats from Powell River –  one a trimaran, a Yamaha 30, a large 1960’s vintage wooden custom built boat and an Islander 30.

Three from Comox, Laser, Dazed and Confused, and Nyyak.

The race started in 3-4 kts of wind from the West, just off breakwater at Westview (Powell River), ebb tide and a beat out of PR, Laser, Nyyak and Hakuna Matata separated from the others initially, passing Harwood there was a constant wind shift from NW to West and then SW which gave a huge benefit to windward boats on port tack and encouraged boats that went outside Vivian Island. Nyyak and Hakuna Matata rounded Grants at 12:30, just as ebb was changing to flood, Seance, Laser and Dazed and Confused were about 5-10 minutes behind. It was again a beat to PJ and about 10 miles against a strong current with wind falling to 2-3 knots. We all struggled but Hakuna Matata pulled out in front and Laser as well made good progress by going to the Comox side and benefiting from a 4-5 kt thermal wind, unfortunately that died away after 4pm, wind swung to SE and neither boats were able to make progress when they tried to come out to PJ. Nyyak had stayed further west , hoping for the SE wind to fill in, benefited from the lift but struggled with the current. Time limit was 5pm. PJ had been agreed upon to be the shortened course, and Hakuna Matata was about a mile away at the cut off, Gerry and I shortly behind.

We all motored home and enjoyed dinner on the patio at T Box.

There was no handicap winner as no boats finished but we agreed to award the “first across the line trophy” to Hakuna Matata following the principle PR started last year to honour the boat making the “best effort”, and getting closest to the finish line.

Over dinner we did begin discussions about changing the course when light winds were so easily predicted.. Perhaps rounding the north end of Vivian Island instead of Grants.